CopyOrDie was founded in 2012 with the mission of providing premium-quality, engaging content and high-converting, direct response sales copy to small businesses, entrepreneurs and online marketers. We believe powerful content and copy can literally make or break online businesses and have the real-world online marketing experience to prove it.

Two key competitive advantages separate us from the rest of the writing community: 1) tested and proven writing philosophies specifically tuned for online marketing success  and 2) uniquely gifted, experienced and trained writers, all of whom have the following characteristics:

  • College or Postgraduate degree in Journalism, English or Literature
  • Minimum of 2+ years of online content writing (articles, blog posts, magazines etc.)
  • Submitted several different writing samples demonstrating their writing proficiency and attention to detail
  • Completed rigorous training program teaching them specifically how to write content and sales copy that engages and converts prospect
  • Thorough understanding of online marketing – SEO, article marketing, affiliate marketing, squeeze pages, direct-response copywriting and ebooks

The sad truth is content and copy are often devalued and simply labeled as a commodity to be outsourced in favor of more popular functions such as marketing, sales, product creation and design.

We believe the exact opposite is true, especially for online businesses.

Without content that engages your audience, attracts them to your cause and ultimately turns them into loyal fans that willingly spread your message, you’ll always play second fiddle to competitors who take the time and effort to invest in a long-term, sustainable content strategy that cuts through the noise and speaks to the heart of their customers.

We’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and online marketers build and grow their online businesses through delivering compelling content and crafting irresistible sales copy.

Let us prove to you how powerful words can double or triple your profits, bulletproof your brand and ultimately create a successful, long-term online business.


To Your Success,

Aaron Wang