We offer a comprehensive selection of content choices for your marketing pleasure. Feel free to read about what each service entails and figure out which ones meet your needs. If you can’t find anything that suits your fancy, go ahead and get in touch with us for a custom project. Bon Appetit!

SEO Optimized Articles

Best Used For: Keyword-focused article marketing

Our most popular appetizer. We write these to a specific keyword density (usually around 2-3%) using your primary keyword and secondary LSI keywords (if you provide them). These also may contain call-to-actions promoting your specific product/service or website. The content itself is extensively researched, formatted with bold sub-headers containing the primary keyword and usually contains bullet points or numbered lists for ease of reading.

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Product Reviews

Best Used For: Pre-selling products and affiliate marketing

These are used for pre-selling your readers by adding the coveted “personal recommendation” feel when promoting products. We thoroughly research the product, identify the PROBLEM the product solves, present the product as the SOLUTION, create bulleted list of features and benefits, and end with a strong call-to-action recommending purchase. In addition, product reviews are usually keyword-optimized as well and formatted with bold sub-headers containing the primary keyword.

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Blog Content

Best Used For: Brand positioning, website promotion and list building

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. Fact – Blog content is drastically different than SEO optimized articles. How so? Blog content aims to deliver massive value by engaging your readers in such a way where they will want to bookmark your blog, subscribe to your RSS feed and keep up with it. SEO optimized articles are focused around promoting a specific keyword for article marketing purposes. Also, blog content usually includes a paragraph promoting the products/services and overall brand of your company as well. Blog content is extensively researched, professionally formatted with bold sub-headers containing the primary keyword, and typically contain specific step-by-step “how-to” advice (e.g., “5 Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom or 12 Things You NEED to Know Before Starting an Online Business”)

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Sales Letters

Best Used For: Selling your product/service

The main course.  The secret sauce that puts dollars into your pocket. These are typically written in the direct-response style told from a personal perspective (first and second-person). We start with an attention-grabbing headline to draw your readers in and then immediately go into the results they can expect to achieve. We dispel any confusing myths around the topic, provide customer testimonials, tell a personal story about breaking through potential roadblocks and present your SOLUTION – a newly discovered system designed to change your prospect’s life. We explain the key features/benefits in bullet list format, present what a steal this is at the price, add guarantees/bonuses and culminates in an  irresistible call-to-action to deliver the sale. All sales letters are professionally formatted and can include graphics and testimonials if you provide them.

NOTE: For ethical reasons we do NOT fabricate customer testimonials. We also don’t do any actual web design for the sales letter – we provide only professionally-formatted copy in Word .doc or .docx format.

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Squeeze Pages

Best Used For: Building your e-mail list

Another very popular choice. The money is in the list. If you build it the right way and get proven buyers on it, you literally will create an ATM machine you withdraw cash from upon demand. Our squeeze pages consist of an attention-grabbing headline, sub-headline with specific result/benefit, your personal results/testimonials (if you have any), bullet list of benefits and ending with a strong call-to-action to download your free ebook by simply entering their e-mail address in the form.

NOTE: For ethical reasons we do NOT fabricate customer testimonials. We also don’t do any actual web design for the squeeze page – we provide only professionally-formatted copy in Word .doc or .docx format.

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eBooks & Short Reports

Best Used For: Selling your very own information product or giving away a free report to drive email opt-ins

This offering is what we’re extremely good at and famous for. Product creation in-a-box. We’ve written hundreds of eBooks on all kinds of subjects and niches. We can also rewrite an ebook of your choosing in your unique tone/style so you can repackage it and sell it yourself!  Our experienced team of full-time writers will extensively research your topic, submit a Table of Contents for your approval,  cite all sources and also strategically place your affiliate link or promote your specific product/service within the content. You own 100% rights FOREVER to the final eBook and our name is nowhere to be found. We also include a professional eBook cover at NO extra charge to you.

Recommendation: Combine this with a sales letter and you’ve got yourself an online profit machine raking in cash for you on autopilot – all without having to do ANY work (except driving traffic to your site!).

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Website Copy

Best Used For: Brand positioning and promoting ongoing products/services

It’s easy to confuse this with articles or even blog posts.  This offering is usually suited for small businesses who have a newly designed website but no content yet.  We come in and create the foundation pages for your website including Home Page, Products/Services Offered, Why Us, About Us, Contact Us, FAQ, etc.  Our copy will position your brand as a credible, polished company ready to serve your customers.  This is perfect for e-commerce websites and professional services firms who need to communicate their message in a corporate/authoritative tone and ultimately get a visitor to ask for a quote or directly purchase a product.

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E-mail Auto-responder Series

Best Used For: Pre-selling your product to your email list

We typically recommend having a minimum of five e-mails written and scheduled to send to your email list. We’ve found this maximizes conversions and effectively pre-sells your product (or affiliate product). Our first e-mail will be to introduce yourself and provide your story. The second e-mail will list out your product benefits and include customer testimonials. The third one reemphasizes the benefits and dispels common objections/myths. The fourth one talk about the results your customer will MISS out on if they do not purchase.  The last on has a limited time bonus attached to it (up to you) which really maximizes the buying pressure.  All e-mails will include call-to-actions for purchase and gradually amp up the sales volume through a mixture of techniques

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Press Releases

Best Used For: Promoting your website opening or product launch through press release distribution 

Another unique offering built specifically for website openings and product launches.  We will create a professional press release announcing the grand opening/launch of your business or product so you can easily take that and submit it to press release syndication services such as  This generate massive publicity for your business and is a highly effective way to immediately get your brand in front of massive amount of people.  Do not underestimate the power of a well-timed, polished press release – these pop up all over the web and drive tsunami-like waves of traffic to your website.

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Video Scripts

Best Used For: Selling your product/service

Video sales letters, squeeze pages, products and even blog posts are all the rage these days.  It’s easy to see why – a lot people would rather watch something than read text!  We can create a high-converting video script to help promote your product, drive e-mail opt-ins or even just simply offer valuable content to your customers.  Video sales letters are proven to convert a bit higher than typical text-based ones – this is definitely a tool you need in your arsenal if you’ve got the budget for it!

NOTE: We don’t do the actual video creation ourselves – you can take our script and give it to a video production company or simply through it into a PowerPoint presentation and speak over it.

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